High-magnification recoatal powder coating/electrostatic spraying of powder coating

Electrostatic spray high reclaimed rate powder coatings/powder paintsFactory info:China Factory founded time:in year 1993China Factory located:JinhuProduction lines in Jinhu factory:6Exported market:Europe 60%,Fast East 10%,Asia 20%,North & South America 10%Ukraine factory founde time:in year 2017Ukraine Factory located:Ukra

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Electrostatic spray high reclaimed rate powder coatings/powder paints

Factory info:
China Factory founded time:in year 1993
China Factory located:Jinhu
Production lines in Jinhu factory:6
Exported market:Europe 60%,Fast East 10%,Asia 20%,North & South America 10%

Ukraine factory founde time:in year 2017
Ukraine Factory located:Ukraine
Production lines in Jinhu factory:3
Exported market:Ukraine 70%,near European countries 30%

Raw material of powder coating paints:
Epoxy resin,Polyester resin,pigment & other addtives

Surface type:
By gloss:high gloss(shiny),semi gloss,matt
By appearance:smooth/flat,sand texture,texture,hammer texture,crocodile texture & so on.



  • Specific gravity :1.2 ~ 1.8g/cm3 up to colors
  • Particle size distribution:100% less than 100 microns (depending on the specific indicators art effects may be, according to the special requirements of painting adjusted)
  • Level of liquidity:24 ~ 27 mm


180 °C ~ 200 °C (work piece temperature), 10-15 minutes


8-12 square meters / kg, thickness 60 microns (100% of the powder coating utilization rate)


Stored in less than 30 °C, ventilated, dry, clean room, not near the fire source, heating, avoid direct sunlight, the product in the transport should be to prevent rain, sun, prolonged sun exposure.Storage products in line with the above conditions, since the date of production, effective storage period is 6 months.Over the storage period may be re-tested and the results were consistent with, can still be used.


Coating powder is a non-toxic products, but should be avoided in the course of inhalation of dust.Proposed operators wear appropriate dust mask, glasses.If possible, try to avoid long-term skin contact with powder coating

Mechanical property

Testing items

Standards and methods

Inspecting index

Impact strength

GB/T1732-1993, AS3715 2.8


Bending resistance

GB/T1185-88, AS1580 402.1, ISO9227

Pass 2-5 millimeters


GB/T9286-88,2mm Cross cut, ISO2409

Pass100/100, passes 0 levels

Cupdrawing:Erichsen, ISO1520

Erichsen, ISO1520

Pass 3-7 millimeters

Pencil hardness

GB/T6739-86, Mitsubishi

Pass H-2H

Chemical resistance and weather resistance

Salt spray test

GB/T1771-91,500 hours

The cross section of corrosion less than 2MM

Hot and damp resistance test

GB/T17740-79(89),1000 hours

Without air bubbles, loses the light slightly

Acid resistance

10% CH3COOH, 240 hours

Without air bubbles, the surface without damage

Alkali resistance

10% NaOH, 240 hours

Without air bubbles, the surface without damage

Heat resistance

200degree,1 hour

The color change is lower than E=1.5

Solvent resistance

MEK24 hours soaked in solvent-free

Without air bubbles, the surface without damage


QUV-313,500 hours

Gloss higher than 80% lower than the

Munsell color change level

Water tolerance of

2 hours

No bubble, not falling, losing light

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